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3 Tips To Better Sleep

Hey! Welcome to the Blog! 

One of the things that's coming up for my clients most often when we work together is their stress.  They don't believe they can achieve their goals and manifest abundance or get the Law of Attraction working for them when they're so stressed all the time.

Well, they're kinda right.  When you're feeling stressed you're going to find it very hard to attract the things you want into your life [Related Post: Why do we attract what we focus on?]

The good news is, there are some easy ways you can reduce your stress to get yourself into a more positive state - the perfect state for manifesting!

Stress shows up for us as a result of an imbalance in one or more of 5 areas of our lives: Relationships and Family Life, Money, Self Care, Sleep, Mindset/Attitude. 

In this Blog Post I'm going to give you 3 Tips to a Better Sleep to reduce your stress in that area. So you can get more sleep, more rest and ultimately get more done!

When you get a better night’s sleep, you’ll have more energy, will feel happier and you’ll see improvements in all areas of your life (more money, better relationships, more time to relax and more guilt free 'me time')

The aim however is to get your ‘good night’s sleep’ the norm and not once in a while!

Implement the following tips every evening for the next 7 days (and longer of course!). They will then start to feel more habitual and you’ll be ready to implement new techniques in other areas of your life.


Law of Attraction, Manifesting and Mindset Resources



Better Sleep Tip One: No Distractions

Ok, let’s start off with a real simple one shall we?  It literally takes seconds but can mean the difference between disturbed sleep and uninterrupted slumber. 


Switch your phone to Airplane mode when you go to bed.

Yes, seriously, that’s it.

But here’s why (and I speak from experience here), if you’re anything like I was, you have your phone on your bedside table next to you when you sleep, maybe you use it for an alarm. But when you get woken in the night - either by the children or having to pee for the 8th time since going to bed - it’s so easy to pick up your phone to check the time to see how much longer until you have to get up.

You then notice that there are some notifications on your Social Media apps and so you tell yourself you’ll ‘just have a quick look’ in case someone has commented on the photo you posted that day of your kid looking especially cute.  You then get sucked in to the world of Social Media, scrolling through friends posts, feeling pangs of jealousy at the new car one friend just bought, another is out for dinner AGAIN (seriously, does she ever cook?) and find yourself getting more and more annoyed at your own crap situation. 

You then see another friend got her hair cut at the Salon that day and it reminds you that you really need to get yours cut as your split ends are producing split ends but you think you probably can’t afford it so you log on to your Online Banking app and are disappointed to see it’s even worse than you thought! Pissed off you wonder whether you can just cut your own hair, so you Google the answer...and spend the next 30 minutes looking through images of wonky fringes and hair disasters.

Before you know it an hour has gone by….an hour that you COULD have been asleep. You then get annoyed at yourself and put your phone down and try to get some sleep. But now you’re feeling jealous, disappointed and annoyed all at the same time. Not good ingredients for a restful sleep.

You’ve also now tricked your brain into thinking it needs to be awake.  Your brain has no clue what is actually right or wrong, good for you or bad for you - it literally acts on what you tell it.  So if you’re telling it that you need to check your bank account and search for answers on the internet it will respond by keeping you awake.

It does also go deeper than that however.

There’s a hormone we all need to help drift off to sleep and stay asleep. It’s called Melatonin. The blue light emitted by mobile phones, tablets and other electronics actually reduce our production of Melatonin which makes it harder for us to then fall back to sleep when we’ve woken in the night (or get to sleep in the first place).

So do yourself a favour and I promise you it will make a difference. Make it a ‘technology free’ time at least for the 30 minutes before you aim to go to sleep.  Turn your phone onto Airplane mode so when you do get woken in the night, even if you’re still tempted to check the time you won’t be distracted by any flashing notifications. Even better - keep your phone out of arm’s reach so you’re not tempted to look at it at all!

Better Sleep Tip Two: Brain Dump

Another thing that can keep us awake so long it feels like we’re just laying in bed for hours waiting that elusive sleep, is to go to bed with too many thoughts.  We have literally thousands of thoughts every day and your brain is responding to those thoughts - even without us realising. It is assessing, filtering, focusing and responding to every single thing we think about.

If we go to bed stressing about ‘all the things’ we have to do the next day then again, we’re tricking our brain into thinking that we need to be awake so we can achieve all these things.

Yes, you may feel you have to make the kids lunches, put petrol in the car on the way to work, send off that important letter that you forgot to do today, go to the post office to return that parcel, stop at the shops to get something for dinner, cook dinner, make your daughter’s Little Red Riding Hood Costume for the show next week and a zillion other things….but guess what? You can’t do anything about them at 10pm at night. So there’s no point worrying about it.


I’m not saying those things don’t need to be done….I’m saying they don’t need to be done when you’re trying to sleep.  And in fact, you’d probably get through all your tasks and chores a lot quicker after a good night’s sleep as you’ll have more energy, enthusiasm and focus.

So try this instead. As you’re getting ready for bed, whatever your usual routine is (which will now include switching your phone to Airplane mode…), take out a piece of paper and a pen and write down everything that’s in your head. A kind of ‘brain dump’ if you like. You can absolutely get yourself a pretty Journal or notepad for this if you want to, if that will make it more enjoyable for you and mean you’re more likely to do it, but you can write it on the back of an envelope if that’s all you have, it really isn’t important. What’s important is to get it out.  Write out your ‘To DO’ list, everything that you’re thinking has to get done and don’t stop writing until you can’t think of anything else.

Then close the notepad (or turnover the old envelope) close your eyes and take 5 deep breaths. Breathe in through your nose for 5 seconds, hold it for 5 seconds and let it out through your mouth for seven seconds and then repeat this 4 times (or more if you feel inspired to). Breathing in this way calms your mind which is a great tool to use after the brain dump. This will tell your brain that you know there’s stuff that needs to be done but you’re not going to worry about them now, while it’s time to sleep. 

As a result you’ll find it easier to drift off to sleep.

Better Sleep Tip Three: Use Your Words

If you want to take your sleep practices to the ‘next level’ then there’s an awesome tip at your disposal. It’s already ‘built in’ to your brain and already available to you, you just need to bring it out.

How do you get a great night’s sleep?

You tell yourself you will.

Yep, simple as that.

I mentioned before that our brain responds to everything we think about. Well this is also true for everything we SPEAK about too (whether in our head or out loud). Basically, your brain is built to respond to the things we focus on. If you’re constantly telling yourself that you’re probably going to have another rubbish sleep, your kids are bound to wake you up again, you’ve got so much to do tomorrow and you’re going to feel so exhausted etc then this is what your brain thinks you want. I know, crazy right?!

It will then cause you to have a rubbish sleep, get woken by your kids and wake up feeling absolutely shattered. I know this might all sound a little ‘woo woo’ but stay with me here!

There’s a tool (or a process if you like) called ‘Affirmations’. If you look in the Dictionary you’ll see Affirmation described as ‘a statement or proposition that is declared to be true and this is also correct for this type of process.  Affirmations are statements that you tell yourself.  Your brain then notices the thing you’re telling yourself (whether it’s actually true or not) and sets about to bring you that thing you’re focusing on because if you’re talking about it you clearly want it. Make sense?

I know this might all seem a little far fetched right now and I do want to be clear that that just by saying something once doesn’t mean it’s going to land in your lap, but I assure you this ABSOLUTELY works. Affirmations have been one of THE biggest tools I’ve used over the last few years to turn my life around. And you can too.

Also, what have you got to lose?  Whatever you’re doing right now isn’t working right? So give this a go and after a few days you may start to notice a difference in your sleep.

So here’s how it works.

Every night, after you’ve turned your phone to Airplane Mode and done your ‘brain dump’ say your Sleep Affirmation. Say it out loud if possible as this helps you to feel like you believe it and your brain can respond to it better but even if you say it in your head it is better than not doing it at all.

Say something along the lines of:

‘I’m so happy and grateful for the amazing night’s sleep I’m going to get tonight! I’m going to sleep through the entire night and wake up feeling refreshed and energised and ready to start the day!’

Smile while you’re saying them and then relax as much as possible.

You may not believe it the first few times you do it - in fact you probably won’t if this is the first ever time you’re trying something like this - but say them anyway. What have you got to lose right? After a few times, and especially once you see some positive results, you’ll start to FEEL it a bit more and it will become more natural.

You don’t have to say the same thing every night, you can mix it up a little, adapt it to suit you but make sure whatever you’re saying is positive. No ‘I’ll try’ or ‘hopefully’ or anything like that!

Give it a go, and let me know how you get on!

I’d love to know which one of the above you’re DEFINITELY going to try on tonight (I’d suggest them all but don’t want you to get overwhelmed and so if you want to choose just one that is ok too) - Comment below and let me know!

Law of Attraction, Manifesting and Mindset Resources



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Leesha says March 5, 2018

Thanks, Gemma, great suggestions! I already put my phone in airplane mode, but I will try to stop electronic devices 30 minutes before bed. I will also give the brain dump & affirmations a try too. Really appreciate it – thank for sharing!

    Gemma James says March 6, 2018

    Thanks Leesha, great news about the Airplane Mode but glad to hear you’ll try some other things too. I always say reducing your stress starts with getting better sleep so if you can start to focus on this aspect of your life first, everything else will start to improve too. To Your Stress Free Life! Gemma x

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