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3 Tips To Grow Your Money

Stress shows up for us as a result of an imbalance in one or more of 5 areas of our lives.  Money is a BIG one for so many people.

You may feel like:

  • There’s never enough
  • You’re always struggling
  • Forever saying no to your kids
  • Missing out on nights out with friends

I know this because I’ve been there. And it sucks. Big time.

But it IS possible to change your money story around.  To bring in more of it, save what you have better and feel like the pressure is off a little.  With some pretty simple techniques and by building new habits.

Implement the following tips every day for the next 7 days. They will then start to feel more habitual



To find out where your stress may be coming from and for tips to reduce it in the other four areas, take the free Five Minute Stress Test

1. Think Nice Thoughts!

We’ll start with a super easy one, but it’s a fantastic way of changing how we feel about money. Why? Ok, let me ask you this….

What’s the first thing you think of when you think about money?

Spend a minute considering this question.

Did you feel that sinking feeling in your stomach? The feeling of dread and fear and anxiety and jealousy and terror? To you, money means arguments and stress and saying no and not enjoying the fun or finer things in life and always going without….am I right?

Here’s the problem...


So when your thoughts about money are negative and full of fear and stress and guilt or thinking that only the ‘lucky few’ are rich or you’re a nicer person if you’re poor (even if it sucks).... then that is exactly the state that your money situation will stay in. At least until you change it up.

When you can change your thoughts and words (and actions) around money to a more positive one, then THAT is what you will attract more of. Your attitude, beliefs and feeling towards money will be brighter and as a result, you’ll start making more and saving better (yes, really!)

Here’s what I want you to do. Grab a piece of paper and a pen and write down the following: 

1. List 5 things that money has allowed you to do that day

This may be providing breakfast for your kids, it might be heating your home, it might be the ‘treat money’ you saved for the hot chocolate in the coffee shop before the afternoon school run – it may not seem obvious straight away but I assure you when you start thinking about it, money allows you to do so many things throughout your day. It’s just they’ve been forgotten or taken for granted in all the other things we stress about.

2. List 5 things you LOVE about money 

I know, this can be a tough one. You’ve fallen so out of love with money that you don’t know if you can ever get your relationship back. You can. You just gotta show it some love.

Examples of this could be: 

  • ‘I love money because it means I can work part time so I can be there to drop my kids off and pick them up again from school.  It means so much to be there for my family.’
  • ‘I love money because I wore the most beautiful wedding dress on my wedding day and I still have such warm happy memories of that day now. I’m so grateful I was able to have so many of my friends and family be there with us for our day, thanks to money.'
  • ‘I love money because my best friend bought me that gorgeous green top for my birthday!’

That kind of thing. Mix it up every day.  You may struggle but write down 5 things every day, even if they seem really lame (‘I love money because it has given me tea bags and I seriously need a cup of tea!’)

3. List 5 things you’re going to spend your money on when you have more of it

Throw cushions and fancy bed spreads, coffee shop trips, dinner for your best friends, spa days, movie and pizza days with the kids, family holidays - there are no limits! 

If you want to attempt this task first thing in the morning then write your list for the day before, the main thing is that YOU DO IT, it is not so important as to when)

2. Money Spots!

Get yourself a money jar for every room! 

This doesn’t even necessarily need to be a jar, it could be a small plate. But basically find a spot in every room of the house (well not EVERY room – I’ll leave that up to you 😉 ) but a few where you spend the most time (lounge, kitchen and bedroom is a good place to start) and make that your ‘money spot’.

Fill these spots with every single penny, your loose change – even your bank notes – so that the ‘money spots’ start to build.

Now, I want to be clear as I know you’re probably panicking and thinking ‘well that’s no good for me, I don’t have any money!’ Firstly, see my Tip 1. above……and secondly, the point of this isn’t to have £500 laying around the house after week 3, the point is to get you used to seeing this money spot as often as possible, so you focus on the money being there (even if it’s a few copper coins) and so  you do see it growing a little after a while.

This is something that you can get your whole family involved in too. Call your ‘Money Spots’ your ‘Family Fun Day Funds’ or ‘Treat Jars’ or whatever works for you and start to throw in any loose change you have. Even if you literally put in 1p. Get the kids involved by asking them to help you put the money in the jar. Then at the end of the month, or 4 times a year (set your own rules) take the money to the bank and exchange it for notes and spend it on a treat for the family. 

If you’ve only got £6 then buy a couple of home cook pizzas and throw on a movie. If you’ve got a little more then maybe it’s a takeout. £40 and you’ll have a trip to the cinema. You get the point.

The point I really want to stress though is do not focus on how ‘little’ money is in the jar/plate and how crap it is that you won’t be getting a treat any time soon or other negative thoughts that don’t help.

Focus on the money spots as being places in your home where your money is growing. Celebrate every single penny going in. & then enjoy the heck out of whatever treat you choose!

You’ll be so excited after the first time that you’ll continuously be growing your money spots! & once you start growing, celebrating and spending, you’ll find they grow faster!

3. Show It Some Love!

Ok let’s take it to the next level.

As I mentioned earlier, your thoughts, feelings and words around money affect how much of it you actually have. So it’s so important to change your language and your opinion of money to a more positive one.

It's time to create some Powerful Affirmations around Money! (Affirmations are positive statements that you repeat to yourself daily until you start to believe them!)

Grab a piece of paper again and finish the following statements - don’t spend time thinking about it, literally write the first thing that comes to mind when you read the first part of the statement:

  • Money is…….
  • Rich People are……
  • I’ll never be rich because…..
  • I don’t deserve it because…..

I imagine you wrote down some pretty negative statements right? Like ‘Money is stress’, ‘Rich people are lucky’ ‘I’ll never be rich because I’m in so much debt and crap with money’ that kind of thing right?

That’s ok. That’s the point of this task.  Now you understand your crappy feelings towards money you can turn them around  them to a more positive one.

Grab your paper and pen again and for every statement that you wrote above, change it to a positive one, basically write the opposite.

Yes, this will seem difficult as you’ve had the same feelings towards money for a long time (believe me, I get it, I lived there for two decades!) and what you’ll be writing down you probably won’t believe….YET.

But do it anyway.

So for example:

Money is stress’ might become ‘Money is freedom’ or ‘Money is choice

Rich people are lucky’ could become ‘Rich people are generous and fun loving and live life on their terms'

Change ‘I’ll never be rich because….’ to ‘I can be rich because….’ and write the opposite of what you put before.

Does that make sense?

Here are the ACTUAL Statements I wrote when I went through this task for the first time, to give you an idea…

‘Money is...Scary’

‘Rich people are… either lucky or crooks!’

‘I’ll never be rich because….I spend it as quick as it comes in’

‘I don’t deserve to be rich because….I worry I’m not good enough to actually hold on to it’

These then became:

‘Money is fun and totally possible for me!’

‘Rich people are generous and unlimited!’

‘I will be rich because I manage my money well and I show it respect and love’

‘I deserve to be rich because I am generous, loving, giving and want the best for my and my family’

Ok, your turn!

Once you’ve got your new positive statements, read these out loud every day.  Yes, you can write them in your journal every day but add some power to them and say them out loud. With feeling and add emphasis. Don’t just mumble them but stand tall, confident and say them out loud.

And yes, as I’ve said before, there’s a great chance you won’t believe it when you first start saying them, your brain will be going ‘yeah right, who are you kidding love?’ but just ignore it and do it anyway. 

Plus, what have you got to lose right?

I’d love to know which one of the above you’re DEFINITELY going to try on today (I’d suggest them all but don’t want you to get overwhelmed and so if you want to choose just one that is ok too) - Comment Below and let me know!


To find out where your stress may be coming from and for tips to reduce it in the other four areas, take the free Five Minute Stress Test

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