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Love Yourself First

​There’s so much (self placed) pressure on us to be the Best. The best Mum, Wife, Employee, Friend and every other role we take on, that it’s no surprise so many women feel constantly knackered. Burnt out, exhausted and stressed. I was one of these women for a very very long time. Feeling guilty if I dared suggest that I was going to have some ‘me time’. A long hot soak in the bath or some retail therapy for example. Or god forbid a trip to a coffee shop for a Hot Chocolate and a few chapters of a good book.

And not because my husband didn’t allow me to have some ‘me time’. Quite the opposite actually. He encouraged it. But I felt so awful suggesting it, that I was somehow not being a ‘good’ mum or a good ‘wife’ if I wasn’t thinking about them or doing something to ‘help’ them every waking second, that relaxing baths and Hot Chocolate trips were reserved for my Birthday and Mother’s Day.


National Bubble Bath Day!

It’s no surprise that we get so stressed with everything that we have to think about on a daily basis! Bills, kids, housework, jobs, more housework, debt, more bills, more housework. It can be so hard to switch off and this is SO detrimental to our wellness, our health and our sanity.

It’s a fact that we bring into our lives more of the things that we’re focusing on and so if we’re continually thinking about all the crap, we’re going to be bringing more of it into our lives which will keep us stressed, which will keep us thinking about it, which will bring in more and so the cycle goes round and round…..