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Why do we attract what we focus on? What is the RAS? Law of Attraction

Why do we attract what we focus on?

Hey! Welcome to the Blog! If you’ve been looking into the Law of Attraction then you may have heard that ‘what you focus on you attract’ but you may be wondering why?

I was when I first got started. I needed to know why I attract what I focus on and I needed more than just the ‘Trust the Universe’ stuff that a lot of Law of Attraction teachers out there were saying. (Trusting the Universe is part of the process by the way, but it’s such a small part and I’ll cover that in another Blog Post)

It wasn’t until I started studying how our brains work and how they play such a huge significant role in the the manifesting process to achieve our goals (or stop us from achieving them!) that I really got it.

Once I understood it, EVERYTHING changed. I could clearly see how I was attracting what I was focusing on - both in a positive and negative way - and how I could use this knowledge to achieve EVERY goal I set.

What is a Vision Board? How do you create a Vision Board? Does a Vision Board actually work?

What is a Vision Board?

Hey! Welcome to the Blog! A few of the questions I get asked most often are

1. ‘What is a Vision Board (or a Dream Board)?’,

2. ‘How do I create a Vision Board?’ And

3. ‘Is a Vision Board actually worth it?’.

Such good questions! And I had the exact same ones when I was starting out with the Law of Attraction and Mindset work too so I totally get it.

I used to believe that Vision Boards were just somewhere to cut out pretty inspiring images from magazines of happy thin people with arms outstretched on a beach at sunset, sports cars and dream vacations and put them up on my wall so I could look at them and ‘know what I was doing it for’. What the heck does that even mean anyway?!

So as a result I half heartedly did them and then rolled my eyes when they didn’t work, putting it all down to a bunch of ‘woo woo’.

But as I learned so much more about the power of our Brains, of the Universe and of powerful techniques to manifest goals and dreams I decided to give it another go.

And wow was it effective!

You see, it’s so much more than cutting and sticking! And as I’m writing this Blog Post, I’m living the exact replica of my Vision Board from just 18 months ago. Everything on my Board I have created for myself and it’s totally possible for you too.

So in this Blog Post I want to share not only what a Vision Board (or a Dream Board if you prefer) is, but also how you can create it so that it ACTUALLY works.

Step One To Becoming A Super Manifester

Step One To Becoming A Super Manifester

Hey! Welcome to the Blog! One question I see being asked over and over again, especially by people who are just starting out with manifesting and the Law of Attraction is, ‘Is there something in particular that I'm supposed to say?’ 

Because you’ve tried this ‘manifesting thing’, you’ve asked the Universe for some things you wanted but you’re left thinking ‘Hey Universe, where’s my stuff?!’ Because it hasn’t shown up for you, right?

I get it, I've been there! When I first started out with the Law of Attraction and manifesting nothing happened. For so long!

Then I got it...

There is in fact a process that you need to go through in order to become a Super Manifester. It’s not just about sitting down and declaring what you want. It's not just saying, ‘Oh Universe, it'll be lovely to have’, or ‘Universe, I wish I could have…’.  There is actually a process behind it and it took me a year to work it out.

It’s a five-step process that I’ve put together that will make it so much easier to successfully hit your goals and manifest abundance into your life.  For now, I just want to talk to you about the very first step which is where you will ‘Set Your Intentions’. I break this down into 4 easy steps below.

So read more for Step One in becoming a Super Manifester or watch the video if you prefer...

Achieving Your Goals: Setting Your Intentions

The First Step To Achieving Your Goals

If you've been struggling with achieving your goals or manifesting awesome things into your life it's not because the Law of Attraction doesn't work, it may be because you're not following the right process. It's not enough to write down what you want once in a pretty butterfly journal and then just wait for the Universe to give it to you.

I created a 5 Step Manifesting Process, a proven process which has worked time and time again, not only for myself but for people all over the world.  A process that when done right, and in the right order, can have you achieving your goals in record time.

In this Episode I talk about Step One - Setting Your Intentions and why it's not enough to want to be 'richer', 'thinner', 'happier' etc and give you the 3 most powerful words already at your disposal to help you create your goals and declare them to the Universe.

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