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3 Tips To Better Sleep

Hey! Welcome to the Blog! 

One of the things that's coming up for my clients most often when we work together is their stress.  They don't believe they can achieve their goals and manifest abundance or get the Law of Attraction working for them when they're so stressed all the time.

Well, they're kinda right.  When you're feeling stressed you're going to find it very hard to attract the things you want into your life [Related Post: Why do we attract what we focus on?]

The good news is, there are some easy ways you can reduce your stress to get yourself into a more positive state - the perfect state for manifesting!

Stress shows up for us as a result of an imbalance in one or more of 5 areas of our lives: Relationships and Family Life, Money, Self Care, Sleep, Mindset/Attitude. 

In this Blog Post I'm going to give you 3 Tips to a Better Sleep to reduce your stress in that area. So you can get more sleep, more rest and ultimately get more done!

When you get a better night’s sleep, you’ll have more energy, will feel happier and you’ll see improvements in all areas of your life (more money, better relationships, more time to relax and more guilt free 'me time')

The aim however is to get your ‘good night’s sleep’ the norm and not once in a while!

Implement the following tips every evening for the next 7 days (and longer of course!). They will then start to feel more habitual and you’ll be ready to implement new techniques in other areas of your life.


3 Tips To Love Yourself More With Your Words

There's a very simple but very powerful tool that you can use to reduce the stress in your life and start to take a bit more care of yourself. To start to love YOU first and appreciate yourself which will make you an even better mum, wife and friend.

I explain more in the video below so check it out for 3 Tips to a calmer, happier you.

Love Yourself First

​There’s so much (self placed) pressure on us to be the Best. The best Mum, Wife, Employee, Friend and every other role we take on, that it’s no surprise so many women feel constantly knackered. Burnt out, exhausted and stressed. I was one of these women for a very very long time. Feeling guilty if I dared suggest that I was going to have some ‘me time’. A long hot soak in the bath or some retail therapy for example. Or god forbid a trip to a coffee shop for a Hot Chocolate and a few chapters of a good book.

And not because my husband didn’t allow me to have some ‘me time’. Quite the opposite actually. He encouraged it. But I felt so awful suggesting it, that I was somehow not being a ‘good’ mum or a good ‘wife’ if I wasn’t thinking about them or doing something to ‘help’ them every waking second, that relaxing baths and Hot Chocolate trips were reserved for my Birthday and Mother’s Day.