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It’s no surprise that we get so stressed with everything that we have to think about on a daily basis! Bills, kids, housework, jobs, more housework, debt, more bills, more housework. It can be so hard to switch off and this is SO detrimental to our wellness, our health and our sanity.

It’s a fact that we bring into our lives more of the things that we’re focusing on and so if we’re continually thinking about all the crap, we’re going to be bringing more of it into our lives which will keep us stressed, which will keep us thinking about it, which will bring in more and so the cycle goes round and round…..


When you relax, when you can take even just a few minutes to ‘let go’ and just be ‘at peace’ you’ll greatly reap the benefits.


Relaxation boosts your mood, helps you sleep better, be more productive, boosts your immune system, gives you more energy and even helps your memory. So make it a PRIORITY to add relaxation into your life more. 

And as January 8th is National #BubbleBathDay (yes that’s ACTUALLY a thing!) what better way than with a long hot soak in the bath!

You may be thinking ‘yeah right, like I have time for that!’ and that’s pretty normal for us ladies these days. There’s so much pressure to get things done, to speed through the day getting all the housework done, school runs and mouths fed that you feel guilty if you dare to take 30 minutes to yourself! Right?

But as mentioned above, relaxation is BENEFICIAL to your health so please do yourself a favour and take some guilt free ‘me time’ and enjoy a soak.

Read a book, listen to music or simply just close your eyes and focus on your breathing (not on all the stuff you feel you ‘should’ be doing instead!)

& yes it needs to be EXTRA bubbly! Not only will this make you feel extravagant (and we all need this at times!) but the bubbles also act as an insulator allowing you to enjoy the ‘hot’ aspect of the bath for longer!’

And if you want to be EXTRA extravagant, my husband bought me the most AWESOME Christmas present!  I’ve been trying to get at least one long hot bath in a week (I do, of course, shower on the other days!) and I like to watch personal development videos or maybe even a ‘chick flick’ while I’m there to really relax.  But without anywhere to put my phone, I had it behind me on a shelf so I could only ‘listen’ which was sometimes a bit pointless and frustrating!

So I was VERY excited when I opened this amazing thing on Christmas Day and put it to use the very next morning! Not only is there a space for my phone but there’s even a space for your cup of coffee! Or, if you’re a bit more decadent, there’s even a wine glass holder! So check it out and enjoy!

You have my permission to take some time for YOU for a change!.  Tell your other half and your kids that on January 8th you HAVE to anyway as it’s Bubble Bath Day and so would be rude not to….

You’re welcome 😉

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