The Step By Step System for Creating & Implementing Effective Vision Boards That ACTUALLY Work!

Are you ready to achieve every Goal you ever set?
Are you ready to FINALLY master Vision Boards, Manifesting and Creating your Dream Life?

You want to be your own boss, live life on your terms and still get to spend lots of time with your family. You want to have dream clients and customers reaching out to you, consistent and always increasing income and the ability to finally indulge in the finer things in life, no longer just 'scraping by'.

You have big dreams and big goals and want to see them FINALLY start showing up in your reality, right?

Most of all you want to break free from the cycle of BROKE and stop worrying about money once and for all!  

Having worked with lots of women like you to crack the code on Vision Boards, manifesting, increasing their income, and creating freedom in their lives, I feel like I already know a lot about you: 

  • You have a job that is draining you and want more than anything to take your biz from part time hobby to full time awesomeness
  • You’ve tried writing your goals down in a pretty butterfly journal but yet to see any of them come true.
  • You’ve tried using a Vision Board before, cut out pretty pictures from magazines, stuck them on a board on your wall and were then left wondering ‘Hey Universe, where’s my stuff?’
  • You see people around you doing amazing things, having success and achieving their goals, and you desperately want it to be your turn.
  • Your pursuit of freedom has led you to feeling burnt out, stressed, exhausted and seeing your family even less than before.

Does any of this sound familiar? Then you’ve found yourself in the perfect place.

This is the story I hear from most of the women I’ve worked with. And I can tell you I’ve been there too so I totally get it!

You’ve been disappointed so many times, you just don’t think you can take any more fear and failure. And because of how many times you’ve tried, you may be feeling discouraged, thinking that for some reason the Law of Attraction simply won’t work for you. 

But I’m here to tell you that it most definitely works for you too!

You just need to learn how to properly utilise it to your advantage and create the things you do want, rather than the things you don’t want. 

The thing is, if you don’t put these pieces together soon you may reach total burn-out.   When that happens, it may be years before you feel the confidence and clarity to go after your biggest dreams and goals again.

Hi, I’m Gemma James, a Law of Attraction & Success Mindset Practitioner and Trainer. 

I help female entrepreneurs create their Dream Life using the Law of Attraction and the power of our brains (what I call 'practical woo').

I’m a certified Happiness Life Coach, Advanced Law of Attraction Practitioner, Wealth Practitioner and certified in Neuroplasticity (brain stuff!). I absolutely LOVE everything mindset & manifesting!

We both know that you are meant for and can have MORE than your current circumstances.

You may have tried many times before to 'dream big', believe in your goals and take serious action.  But even with all of that you were left with the sinking feeling that you didn't come close to achieving the results you wanted.

You’ve decided that Vision Boards are pointless, time wasting tasks for creatives to faff around with instead of doing something productive with their time...

They’re for people who believe in Magic and Miracles and Harry Potter and it’s basically all just a bit too ‘woo woo’ for you.

Want to know what’s missing?

A simple step-by-step system that shows you how to create a Powerful Vision Board that ACTUALLY works. One that helps you achieve your goals and manifest your dream life. That shows you what actions to take, in the right order, and WHY they work.

When you know exactly what to do and why, it is so easy to create powerful, effective Vision Boards and begin unleashing the power of manifesting every single goal.

Every. Single. Time.

Let’s take a second to do a little visualisation, how would it FEEL to?

  • Have absolute clarity on what you want from life, the goals you want to achieve and the cool stuff you want to bring into your reality 
  • See consistent money flowing into your Bank Account from the work you love
  • Never have to question what you want to do based on money - no guilt, no shame, just a relaxed and free life
  • Finally leave your job because you’re making more in your business!
  • Pay off your debt and never stress over money again
  • Go on amazing vacations with your family without a worry in the world
  • Go out for dinner and order what you WANT, without checking the prices first 
  • magic
    Have fun days out with the family without stressing about where the money will come from


"Powerful Vision Boards"

Powerful Vision Boards

A Self Study Step by Step System for Creating Effective Vision Boards that ACTUALLY work - For women who are ready to manifest the amazing future they’ve been dreaming of.


During this 4 Module Course you’ll learn how to stop playing small and start setting AND achieving some serious goals!

I’ll teach you how to effectively create a powerful visual representation of your dream life and then give you the steps to implement, to bring it into your reality (which is what a lot of the other trainings out there leave out)

I’ll give you the exact same Vision Board process  that myself and my clients have used to achieve our goals and manifest amazing things over and over again.


This module is broken down into four easy steps to ensure you are setting super specific goals which will supercharge your chance of ACTUALLY achieving them. 

(P.S It’s not enough to cut out some pretty images of nice cars, fancy vacations and thin happy looking people from magazines and put them up on your wall..)


This is the Module where you’ll get creative! Turning your goals from the previous Module into an actual visual representation of your dream life. I’ll show you how you can make both a physical Vision Board and a digital one for your desktop or phone, so you can continue to manifest your goals ‘on the go’.


So you’ve created your Board, now what? This is what a lot of the ‘fluff’ trainings out there don’t teach you and is the main reason why Vision Boards haven’t worked for you before.

In this Module you’re going to learn to implement some daily habits while using your Vision Board, to help you remain in a state of momentum, confidence, power and positivity so that you can achieve every goal you’ve set.


This is where you take your manifesting process to the next level!

You’re clear on your goals, you’ve created your Vision Board and you’ve been implementing the steps so it’s actually a useful tool and not just taking up space on your wall, now it’s time to supercharge the effects of your Vision Board with some powerful manifesting techniques and understand how to get your Board working for you over and over again!

I created “Powerful Vision Boards” for awesome women like you that are ready to stop stressing about money, dreaming about your business and life goals and start actually making them a reality! 

This Course is not 'airy fairy' and is fluff-free! Unlike other Vision Board courses, I will teach you why and how they work with your brain and how to get it to bring you whatever you desire.

You will understand exactly what actions you need to take in order to master manifesting for yourself! You won’t be left wondering how to apply the information given, or spend your days sitting on your couch, staring at the wall waiting for things to land in your lap. 

By the time you have gone through the course, you will have a system that you can use again and again to manifest ANYTHING you want into your life.

I’ve designed the course so that you have all the tools and guidance you need without a hefty price tag. 

With this course you won’t have to spend tons of your money searching around for the solution to your manifestation struggle. 

You also won’t have to waste time staying stuck in your current cycle of not meeting your goals and never having the kind of money you desire. (Or wasting your time cutting and sticking when it will have no effect)

To make the decision even easier for you I’m offering my“Powerful Affirmations Implementation Toolkit” (£47 value) as a FREE BONUS with the purchase of this course.

This Toolkit comes with a ‘7 Day eBook’ to compliment the steps you will learn in Module 4 and 7 Powerful Affirmation downloadable posters which you can add to your Vision Board or use for inspiration.

As a second FREE BONUS you’ll have access to my “Vision Board Templates”, (£17 value) including my Abundance Cheque and customisable, downloadable and printable Affirmation Sheets, for adding to your physical Board or editing to suit your own wording, brand and font requirements to save to your desktop or phone.

These bonuses are the perfect compliment to what you will learn in the course, and will help you to get results even quicker as you won’t have to spend hours creating your own, you can simply use my 'done for you' templates.

Powerful Affirmations Bonus


  • Take serious action towards their goals!
  • Are open minded and willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their dream life
  • Know there is ‘more out there’ they are meant for
  • check
    Stay consistent and committed
  • check
    Want to improve their relationship with money and bring lots of it into their life!


  • Say they want to change, but aren’t willing do anything different
  • Go from Course to Course without actually implementing what they’ve learned
  • Don’t really mind living an average life 
  • close
    Aren’t highly motivated

Vision Boards can be used to manifest ANYTHING you want to achieve.

They’ve helped me to manifest:

My Dream Home

$1500 Contest Winner (which paid for a family holiday in full)

Half a million in sales in less than 2 years

Tickets to Personal Development Events (Yes I was Buzzing!)

Vision Boards UPW

An Amazon Best Seller

Vision Boards Amazon Best Seller

And Much More!

And Here's What They Said...

"Thank you for your great Vision Board Course! I needed exactly this to come back on track! Since working with your Course I feel so much clearer. The way you put it all together makes so much sense, the step by step system is amazing. I am so excited to start working with it and implementing everything I learned. I only completed the Course a few days ago but from the first few days I can only say…it is working. Thank you!"


“Before I worked with Gemma I was not in a good place. I really wanted to be successful in business, to manifest clients and money but I had a lot of doubt, no confidence and a lot of fear around what I thought making that money would do for me, that I wouldn’t be able to be the mom and the wife I wanted to be if I made that money. I was holding myself back because I was afraid that I was going to get something I didn’t want.  This process has been so incredible and I now understand that all those beliefs were completely false and I was able to move past them

I was also not very clear on what I wanted, I knew I need a certain amount of money by a certain amount of time but I hadn’t ever stated it or put it out there and it was super helpful to get really clear on my goals AND take the action steps to actually achieve them..

I love the manifesting steps and actually had my biggest month in my business while working with Gemma! I manifested 3 new clients, raised my rates and felt totally confident about it and ALMOST hit my 5k goal!

I did have reservations before I started working with Gemma because I’ve tried manifesting before with other programs and other coaches but it didn’t work.  I didn’t believe it enough, I didn;t understand all the steps and I had made zero success.  Gemma’s given me the actual steps and guidelines it helped a ton. Thank you Gemma!”

Amanda Koppana ~ Health Coach

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for this! This took the guess work out of some affirmation statements that I can start with that I KNOW are going to have a huge impact. I always feel so much better about myself when I use these tools!

Alyssa Smith ~ Productivity Strategist

Gemma hit the nail on the head with this guide! I have heard a little bit of this content before, and NEVER implemented it because I didn't understand why it was necessary.  The way that Gemma explained and packaged each piece of the guide from the mindset shifts to the suggestions to achieve your peak state made me realize that I was doing myself a disservice by not adding these practices into my life!   With such a sea of content and resources to wade through, being able to laser focus helped immensely!  I had the guide for only a day before I started putting her suggestions into practice.  I’m inspired, and (gasp!) implementing! Thank you, Gemma, for putting this together with sass in a way that I connected with!”

Amy Hare ~ Life Engineer

Gemma, your affirmations have literally saved me! I was maxed out on my overdraft wondering how on earth I was going to live. Within 1 DAY I had received the following: 2 refunds I was owed were paid back, my pet claim from a month ago was paid, a friend gave me cash, my bank decided not to charge me for being maxed out on the overdraft. Thank you so much!!”