In this 8 Page PDF you'll learn:


  • The 5 Affirmations for Getting Over Yourself and Your Money Shit so you can finally start increasing your income and understanding your worth.
  • The 5 Personal Development Books Every Fempreneur Needs to Read so you can understand just how awesome you already are!
  • The 5 Morning Mindset Routines To Start Your Day The Right Way and to keep you on track until bedtime.
  • The 5 Mindset Shifts That Will Take You From Stuck to Kicking Ass so you can own your brilliance and create your success with confidence.
  • The 5 Quick Tips for Getting Your Ass Into a Peak State so you can actually achieve your goals and do with passion, power, confidence and grace.


Gemma hit the nail on the head with this guide! I've heard a little bit of this content before and NEVER implemented it because I didn't understand why it was necessary.  The way that Gemma explained and packaged each piece of the guide made me realize that I was doing myself a disservice by not adding these practices into my life!   With such a sea of content and resources to wade through, being able to laser focus helped immensely!  I had the guide for only a day before I started putting her suggestions into practice.  I’m inspired, and (gasp!) implementing! Thank you, Gemma, for putting this together with sass in a way that I connected with!

Amy Hare Life Engineer / Inspired Elevation


In my head I knew the power of mindset. What I didn't know was that you have to keep working at it. When I realized that, I had no idea how to design a mindset routine that worked. No clue where to even get started.  Gemma's guide was EXACTLY what I needed to design a mindset routine that inspires me and lifts me up.  I can't wait to start my new routine tomorrow morning!

Alyssa Smith Productivity Strategist / Plan Like A Mom

I'm Gemma James and I help home business owners (and those who want to be) like you create more success in all areas of your life. I combine the Law of Attraction with the power of our brains to bring you the practical woo that creates measurable change. So that you're not just talking about your dream life but you're also taking the steps to make it happen.

I was STRUGGLING in my business for a long time.  I'm talking 10 years long time. TRYING to build my business while working a soul sucking corporate job in Law during the day.  I knew there was something else out there that I was MEANT to be doing, I had big dreams, big goals and wanted a better life for my family.  I was DESPERATE for freedom. BUT I also had a mountain of debt and no idea how to get out of it, no clear picture of what I 'Should' be doing, lack of confidence, gut wrenching fear and excuse after excuse....

Then I learned the techniques, methods, tips and strategies that allowed me to take my part time 'not really making any money if I'm honest' business, to kick ass full time awesomeness in just 5 months, triple my monthly income and manifest my Dream House with the beautiful garden just 3 months later (and the year's rent in cash up front to pay for it). I've collated these together in this 'really frickin awesome if I do say so myself' Guide.

You're totally welcome.