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What is a Vision Board? How do you create a Vision Board? Does a Vision Board actually work?

Hey! Welcome to the Blog! A few of the questions I get asked most often are

1. ‘What is a Vision Board (or a Dream Board)?’,

2. ‘How do I create a Vision Board?’ And

3. ‘Is a Vision Board actually worth it?’.

Such good questions! And I had the exact same ones when I was starting out with the Law of Attraction and Mindset work too so I totally get it.

I used to believe that Vision Boards were just somewhere to cut out pretty inspiring images from magazines of happy thin people with arms outstretched on a beach at sunset, sports cars and dream vacations and put them up on my wall so I could look at them and ‘know what I was doing it for’. What the heck does that even mean anyway?!

So as a result I half heartedly did them and then rolled my eyes when they didn’t work, putting it all down to a bunch of ‘woo woo’.

But as I learned so much more about the power of our Brains, of the Universe and of powerful techniques to manifest goals and dreams I decided to give it another go.

And wow was it effective!

You see, it’s so much more than cutting and sticking! And as I’m writing this Blog Post, I’m living the exact replica of my Vision Board from just 18 months ago. Everything on my Board I have created for myself and it’s totally possible for you too.

So in this Blog Post I want to share not only what a Vision Board (or a Dream Board if you prefer) is, but also how you can create it so that it ACTUALLY works.




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Very simply, a Vision Board is a visual representation of your dreams and goals. The stuff you want to achieve, all the awesomeness you want to bring into your life. 

It should be placed somewhere that you’ll see it every day. There’s no point creating it and then hiding it in the corner of a room you go into once a week. It needs to be visible, as a constant reminder of your goals.

Why you ask? Well let me explain. There’s a part of our brains, yes even yours, called the Reticular Activating System (let’s call it the RAS for short) that filters the information we feed it. Through what we’re focusing on, looking at, talking about, taking action on (or not taking action on), thinking about, our habits and beliefs etc.

We’re fed so many things every day through all our senses, that we’d literally go crazy if we didn’t filter some of it. So the way the RAS knows what to filter is by what we’re focusing on,

[I explain more in this Blog Post here Why do we attract what we focus on?’]

Therefore when you’re looking at your Vision Board every day (even for a few minutes) your RAS picks up on the ‘dreams’ you’re focusing on and will filter all the information around you to be on the lookout for ways to bring you those things.

Pretty cool huh?

Vision Board Tip


Now you know why it’s super beneficial to have one and why it’s more than just a bunch of inspiring images on a frame locked away somewhere, let’s get to how to actually create one.

How to Create a Vision Board Step One:

First thing to do is to decide what you want to put on there. What are your goals? What are your dreams? What do you want to bring into your life? However big, small, scary or simple. Just make sure they’re what you ACTUALLY want (I.e. not what you feel you ‘should’ have, what you see others having so assume you should have the same, what your parents tell you is more ‘realistic’ etc. Get clear on what you want and those images will be the ones you put on your board.

How to Create a Vision Board Step Two:

Now it’s time to create your board! There are a number of tools that you can use and there’s no ‘one size fits all’ rule here. Go with what works for you, just remember, as I mentioned before, make sure it’s put somewhere you’ll see it every day.

To make a physical Board you could use a

Cork Board or Memo Board,

Picture Frame - either a new one or hunt for one in a Charity or Pound Shop.

A1 Flip Chart and stick that to your wall or put it on your desk/in your office.

You can also however create a virtual Vision Board for your desktop or the screensaver/background image for your phone using a website like Canva.

[I walkthrough creating a virtual Vision Board using Canva in my Powerful Vision Boards Course. ENROL HERE for a 35% Limited Time discount as a thank you for taking time out of your day to read this Blog Post]

What is a Vision Board and how do you create one so it actually works?


You may have heard about flicking through magazines cutting out images that inspire and motivate you, that you are drawn to etc and putting them on your Vision Board. And that’s all great and all but that’s not enough!

Absolutely for sure use magazines as inspiration but always keep your goals and dreams in mind. If the picture isn’t something you actually want to achieve (I.e An image of a stunning house that you love but it’s on a lake and you would never consider living by a lake, that’s not the image for you. Make sense?)

There are other ways to source your specific images however so they are in relation to your exact goals.

Use search tools like Google and Pinterest to search for your ‘goal’.  Use a Stock Photo website like Adobe, Pexels, Shutterstock, iStock (there are lots to choose from but those are ones I have personally used) to find an image you like. Some will be free and some you may have to pay a small fee for to purchase, depending on the website, licence rights etc.

Once you’ve got your images, print them out for your physical board or save them for your virtual Board


Reminder: Make sure it’s visible so you can see it every day. Keep it current and fresh by replacing/adding/changing/removing images as your goals change, or when you achieve them! Don’t let it become stagnant or boring or it will end up just being somewhere you pin your shopping list. Your Vision Board should excite and inspire you. If it doesn’t, do some work on it until it does.

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